Episode 1: A Snapshot of Life in Colonial Wilmington 

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In the first episode of the WHS podcast series, Nathan Field interviews local historian Bill Knightly about Wilmington during the Colonial era to set the stage for a 2nd and 3rd podcast with Bill on Delaware during the Revolutionary war itself.

Some Topics Discussed:

10:00 – Walking up Market St in the year 1750…
15:00 – The violent rivalry between the 2nd St and 4th St Markets
22:30 – How did Wilmington get its name?
30:00 – The colonial “tavern scene”
36:45 – Why Napoleon’s rise to power changed the nature of our town
43:15 – Was there an “education system” as that term is understand today?
46:15 – Navigating the Kings Highway (Rt 13) in 18th Century Wilmington
55:00 – Who were the “big employers” of the day?
1:01 – An interesting method for getting rid of criminals
1:04 – What buildings still stand today from the Colonial Era?
1:08 – Where in Wilmington did George Washington definitely sleep?




Episode 2: George Washington and the War Comes to Wilmington

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In this podcast Nathan Field interviews local historian Bill Knightly about the momentous military events that took place in Northern Delaware in the summer and fall of 1777.

Some Topics Discussed:

2:00 – How Wilmingtonians react to new taxes imposed by Parliament
8:55 – When fighting breaks out, which side(s) are Delawareans supporting?
12:28 – The 30,000 foot military picture as of mid-1777
16:38 – The Continental Army sets up shop in Wilmington
21:00 – Mr. Broom of Broom St fame’s critical assistance to George Washington
23:34 – Legendary figures from American History that were here in Wilmington
26:48 – The 2-minute history of the Battle of Brandywine
31:20 – Analyzing Washington’s written orders and maps as a retired Army Infantry Colonel
36:10 – The Red Coats occupy Wilmington and kidnap Delaware’s governor
51:00 – Battlefield sites people can still see today